You Can Add WordPress Directly to Your Own Website – It’s Easy

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Guess what?  I’m amazing!  And if I can be, so can you! Part of one of my current learning assignments was to start my own blog on my own website.  I’ve made a few websites before so no problemo. Well, the next assignment was to activate WordPress from my control panel of my hosting service. Hmmmm.  That didn’t really come with my hosting plan. What to do?

Maybe I didn’t really need an official blog. Maybe I could just write a bunch of articles on my website using my lastest and favorite website software, XSitePro.  Well geez, this is the information age and I am sitting in front of my computer.  I’ll google it — “WordPress”.  Well I came to the site and it looked like I could start my blog at their place.  Not quite the assignment.

After looking around for about ten seconds I found the clue. has a link on the main page that says “set it up on a web host”. They give you the software for free and you can load it to your hosting service and have an awesome weblog/blog.  It didn’t take too long either, but considering this was the very first time I did something like this I followed the amazing directions step by step and to my utter amazement, it worked.

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