The Most Melodic Wind Chimes Ever Created by Man

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I want to tell you about the most awesome wind chimes I discovered in the Downtown Home and Garden store in Ann Arbor, MI.  They are called Music of the Spheres and they have the most incredibly and beautiful sound you’ve ever heard from a wind chime.  They are not the twinkly high pitched ones that seem to annoy some people (although I like those too).  No, these have an ethereal quality and are divine in nature. 

There is a size and melody range to these chimes.  The chimes come in six sizes from soprano to basso profundo.  These are very profound, the size of a human being!  They also come in a variety of tunings, eleven total to suit any personality or mood. 

I plan to sell these awesome beauties in my online garden store,, in the very near future.  I will be telling visitors about all the wonderful characteristics of the chimes and how listening to these sirens can improve your health and mental well being.  Visitors will also be able to listen to the individual tunings available.  However, one must truly be there to experience the dynamic, resonating tonal quality these chimes produce.  The laptop speakers don’t do it justice.

I might provide a down-loadable music file that could be played over good speakers or headphones to get a sense of the musical magic.  I’ll keep you posted!

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