The 60 Second PSA is in the Rough Draft Stage

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Who likes to edit video? It is a very addictive process.  You can keep tweaking for hours at a time.  After some point you have to stop. And I have. I’ll take it to my group for a review tomorrow and make any final adjustments, then publish it for all to see, probably on youtube. The next step is to make a 30 second version. Hopefully that doesn’t take several days. 

On a completely different note, a friend of mine and I are putting together a plan to save your money if you are in retirement and sick (nursing home sick), and not rich. Usually Uncle Sam would like you to spend just about all your money on health care, leave about $100,000 for your spouse, then live the rest of your life in one of their sponsored take care of you until you die places. 

Sounds pretty scary to me. If your spouse isn’t sick I’m sure the stress of having no money left will fix that. There is a way to protect your hard earned assets.  And you’ll have an opportunity to read about at a later date.  Stay tuned. 

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