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I was just updating my Linkedin profile and wondering what to write in the Professional “Headline”:  It seems like I am often a Landlady (or Real Estate Professional) and try as I may that “profession” sucks up a lot of my time.

But I really like to help local businesses get on page 1 of Google because I did it with my local student rental business and it made a huge difference in my stress levels.  I was able to lease all my houses nearly a year in advance with the help of my internet marketing expertise.  No more worrying about leasing my houses.  You can read that local internet marketing story over at Bottom Line Local.

So the focus, in between the rental house management, is to guarantee page 1 on Google for any local business.  I think this is doable since I have the power of Russell Brunsons Dot Com Secrets, The #1 Internet Marketing Company in the World behind me.

Next week we are launching Dot Com Secrets Ann Arbor.  With the Dot Com Secrets powerhouse of internet marketing knowledge and people power anyone wanting to dominate the search engines  can do so with our help.

By the way I found this Linkedin Professional Headline Generator online and I’m going to see what it’s all about.

So the Professional “Headline” for now is “Guaranteed Google Page 1 for Your Local Business”

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2 thoughts on “Professional Headline Generator

  1. Hi Lana,

    I hope you find my LinkedIn Headline Generator helpful. It’s meant to provide you with a list of keywords for a keyword-packed headline. The headline you are currently using is more of a power statement headline. As a LinkedIn Profile Writer, I will say, your headline looks good to me. It’s short and sweet and tells your reader exactly what you do. Other options I might offer: Helping Local Businesses Rank on Page 1 of Google or Helping Local Businesses Get Found on Google, Page 1.

    Thanks for the link and I wish you much luck!


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