New Blog for Moms That Will Pay for Kids College Expenses

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I’ve started a new blog for single moms who are looking for ways to earn enough money to send their kids to college, without having to remortgage the house, take a 20 year loan, get extra jobs or work another 15 years to pay for it.

It is called Mom Pays For College.

I worked my way through two college degrees and it was a lot of work.  Luckily for me my employers paid most of the tuition and I came away with two engineering degrees and no debt.  However, I did this while working full time and the Master’s degree was while I had a small child too.  Talk about driven.

I used to think that this would be great for my kids, working their way through school, but I have changed my mind. I think that it would actually be OK if I paid for most of their college costs. After all, they are becomming so very expensive in the US that it seems like a huge burden to place on some kid (the student loan debt) if there is another way.

If you have the feeling of “where is the money going to come from for college education for my kids” then stop by and leave your opinion on the subject and find out a way to pay for those rapidly approaching expenses.

Visit Mom Pays for College right now.

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