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In our last Mastermind meeting Mark O. was talking about the membership site softwareDigital Access Pass, he used that I told him about.

Mark O. seems to be very excited about it. I’m using it too. Let me tell you why you might want to use it for your site or blog as a membership tool:

1. You can read about how to use it on the DAP site but the reason I chose it was because of the support.

2. The owner Ravi Jaygopal will install it on your blog for you for free.

3. If there are any issues with the software Ravi will fix it for you right away for free and with a smile.

4. If you needed a tweak for some reason he remembers that an update will require a small tweak and he does that for you too.

5. You can call Ravi on the phone and he will help you.

6. If you want to integrate it with a shopping cart that is not supported he will come up with a workaround. In my case he is working with to get it to interact with his DAP on my site.

7. Did I mention AWESOME support?

Here is my affiliate link to Digital Access Pass. I’d appreciate it if you used it when trying out this product. Thanks

Digital Access Pass

P.S.  There is a pay by the month option now, only $17 a month.

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