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My daughter and I made a great music video for the Coldplay LOST? contest this weekend.  It involved three days of shooting, mostly because of a minor continuity mistake.  One of the scenes had the main character holding a scarf after a pivotal point on the story.  However, that scarf made it into a few too many scenes.

We shot on the second day, however, that day turned out to be much sunnier than the first. After a lot of color correction it was decided by the Director, Miura Hawkins, to re-shoot the scenes on the following day which turned out to be cloudy like the first day.

Well we live in Michigan so you’re nearly guaranteed some cloudy weather at least after a sunny day.  Not too much sun here.  It was much better for shooting since we didn’t need to match lighting when it’s overcast.

We made this movie in HD and it turned out great.  I will post a link once it uploads to youtube.  Actually, I post a link to vimeo because I think the quality will be better.  The Coldplay contest requires an upload to youtube.

Miura put together a story board with times for each scene this made the process run really smoothly over all.  I have to give her a ton of credit on the story board.  75% of the people in my video classes had little or no story boards for their videos and she’s in 11th grade. Go Miura!

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