Lana Hawkins

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Russell Brunson asked me this question last week “How long have you been helping local businesses get more customers through their websites?”  Hmm. I searched for the first domain name I purchased which was for a local Ann Arbor Real Estate Rental Company. That was way back in 2002.

The first sites I built for local businesses were very basic. I hand coded the html. But they got the job done.  They were found by students walking down the street and looking at house signs.

It took me until 2008 to discover that websites don’t automatically get traffic, even if they are nice looking.  Without traffic your website might not be all that valuable to you unless you’re using it to showcase  your work and you can send people directly to it.

For the past several years I’ve discovered lots of way to generate targeted traffic to a website then get those visitors to take an action that results in more sales for an Ann Arbor local business.

In fact I just teamed up with Russell Brunson who owns DotComSecrets, the #1 Internet Marketing Company in the World! Backed by DotComSecrets I now have the power (because it take a lot of work) to offer all my Ann Arbor local business buddies and maybe some new friends I’m going to make the power of Page #1 on Google.

If you don’t understand just how powerful this is please give me a call and I’d be glad to show you how it might help your business.  No sales pitch.  I’d be glad to meet you!

So here’s Lana Hawkins‘ phone number 734-A2-48104 (734-224-8104). Call me!