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This is the simplest html code for a backlink, also called an anchor text based link.

<a href=””>The keyword You Want To Rank For</a>

To backlink to  your main page use:

<a href=””>keyword phrase</a>


If you are going to link back to your main page always use the exact same spelling of your site. These are all different.

Capital letters don’t matter in the primary domain so these are all the same:

So you would put this code in a resource box for an article you sumbit to an ezine article directory or perhaps a guest post on another blog.

If you comment on a wordpress blog always fill out the website address and if it looks OK for the name field enter your keyword.


Basic Code:

Learn how to <a href=””>get your business on google</a> with this step by step guide, <a  href=”” >Google Places Revealed</a>.

What it looks like on a web page:

Learn how to get your business on google with this step by step guide, Google Places Revealed.

There are many things you can add to that link code such as open in new window, text formatting, nofollow, but the most important is above.

Why Make A Backlink?

If you want people to find your site in the search engines you’ll need to tell the web crawlers your site exists.  In general more backlinks mean better page rank and more traffic to you page or site.

Need to find good sites for backlinks?  Try this:

Adam Roy’s The Ultimate Backlinks Report

He shows you how to search Google to find high PR sites to leave your best backlinked comments and boost your rankings.

Leave a comment if you have any questions bout this.

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  1. Lana,

    Thanks for the great information, a lot I already knew, but I may have been overlooking some of the back link techniques. I will read over the info and implement. Went on Warrior Forum and backlinking is a very big topic – so I’m not alone in this struggle.

    Thanks again for the information,

    Start Kayaking

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