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Here is Your HostGator Coupon

Hostgator coupon code

Here is the HostGator Coupon code:    ThankYou994

I’m always looking for a deal. I use HostGator for my web hosting service.  They are very reliable, and easy to use.  And they have fantastico which allows an easy installation of wordpress.

HostGator shows its prices by the month but actually charges by the year.  That’s how you get a discount.  If you are planning to keep your site up for a while I advise that you buy the three year package up front and secure your domain name for three years also.  There is also a monthly payment option.

PS: I earn commissions when you buy with this HostGator coupon.  Thank you for using it!

Do you want to know why I recommend this? It tells the Google bots or some unknown force tracking the web that you are serious about your business and gives it more credit, or so I’m told.

Check back for other coupons.

Here is the HostGator coupon code that gives you a savings of $9.94 ThankYou994

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