How to Start a Business Website

It seems that there a lot of people starting new business lately that want learn how to start a business website.  Well it’s actually quite easy to start a business website but before going to a website builder you should do some research and gather your information.  This will make the process much quicker.

At a bare minimum your website should focus around a few keywords that your customers will probably type into a search engine to find your business.  If your business serves people in a certain city then you can add the city name a part of your website’s main keywords.  For a local business you could pick 5 – 10 keywords that describe the exact services you offer. Stay focused.

Before you start building your business website think about what exactly you want to put on your site about your business and then type up that information in the text editor of your choice.  Use your list of keywords and write about each of those items.  If your business only offers one thing then you only need one article.  Each article shoulf focus on one topic but you can reference other topics if it makes sense.

Once you get your keywords and information for your site you can start thinking about building your actual business website.

There are a lot of business website builders available with hosting services. And there is stand alone software you can use to build your business website then upload it using FTP to your hosting account.

For someone that is probably only going to build one business website and then wants to be able to update it as necessary pick a simple solution with lots of resources available.  WordPress has the capability to create websites really easily.  Here’s how to start a business website with wordpress once you’ve got your information gathered.

Think of a domain name that you like and that is available: and go to Hostgator with a 25% off coupon ThankYou25 (you don’t want to spend too much either).

Sign up for hosting with your domain name.

Go to your cPanel once you’ve gotten your login info.

Find the smiley face icon called Fantastico De Luxe and use it to install WordPress.

how to start a business website

Login to your website and add the material you create as separate pages.

Create a menu, an About Page and a Contact page.

Pick a theme you like and you’re done. Themes are like clothes for your website or decorating you rooms in your house.  They are a quick and easy way to change the look of your website.

Once you’ve done this a few times it gets pretty easy.  That’s why I like to help people build their own small business website.  I started a membership site that covers everything you need to start a business website called Business Website Starter.  Take a look and see if this is something for you. It is reasonably priced.  Individualized help is available too!


Great Software for Adding Backlinks; Instant Directory Profits

Hey folks, I’ve discovered a very useful program for creating backlinks. I’ve recently been reading about how quality backlinks are used to obtain great search engine positioning, then this super easy to use program, Instant Directory Profits, comes along.

Calvin and Jonathan, the IM Buzz creators, make the backlink process and directory listing so simple with their software. They include over 1,500 web directories in the software and will be updating them monthly. This is great because now I don’t have to go searching for all of them and you don’t either!  Last night I purchased, downloaded and fired up Instant Directory Profits and started posting my website to several different directories. After using the software for about 5 minutes I was able to get a good process going and create a nice group of links to my site.  It’s easy to place your link in the relevant area of the directory for best results.  I’m going to do this with all my sites.  Here’s a tip for anyone who gets this software. The free sites would like you to provide a backlink to their site.  As you go through the list make a web page that includes all the reciprocal backlinks. When you add your other sites to the free directories, just post the same backlink page information to each of your websites. Another thing that is very useful about the software is that you can edit fields and put in notes about a particular site, add new sites or delete ones that aren’t useful to you.  I’ve added some pricing information on the sites that aren’t free, so when I load links to my other websites I know exactly which ones I want to target.This is a useful program.  I recommend it for anyone who wants to increase traffic to their site by increasing the amount of quality backlinks.  Here it is again Instant Directory Profits. Go ahead and check it out.

You Can Add WordPress Directly to Your Own Website – It’s Easy

Guess what?  I’m amazing!  And if I can be, so can you! Part of one of my current learning assignments was to start my own blog on my own website.  I’ve made a few websites before so no problemo. Well, the next assignment was to activate WordPress from my control panel of my hosting service. Hmmmm.  That didn’t really come with my hosting plan. What to do?

Maybe I didn’t really need an official blog. Maybe I could just write a bunch of articles on my website using my lastest and favorite website software, XSitePro.  Well geez, this is the information age and I am sitting in front of my computer.  I’ll google it — “WordPress”.  Well I came to the site and it looked like I could start my blog at their place.  Not quite the assignment.

After looking around for about ten seconds I found the clue. has a link on the main page that says “set it up on a web host”. They give you the software for free and you can load it to your hosting service and have an awesome weblog/blog.  It didn’t take too long either, but considering this was the very first time I did something like this I followed the amazing directions step by step and to my utter amazement, it worked.