Video PSA Fluorescent Light Bulbs Save Money

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve completed the Public Service Announcement for the fluorescent light bulbs and you can watch it by clicking this link Lana Hawkins’ PSA on Compact Fluorescent light bulbs.  The file is coming from, FYI.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a great energy saver.  They burn much cooler than an incandescent bulb.  Make sure if you use these to recycle them because they contain mercury, nasty stuff for the landfill. 

New Photo Assignment

We received a new assignment in the digital photography class. I’m going to make a book of about 10 pages of composited images.  Since I’ve rehabbed several old houses I thought it would be cool to put together a book on one of them;  it’s the before and after pictures. However, the images have to be “blended together” and I’ll have to create a bunch of new ones.  (No side by side images.) Hopefully the old ones of before will work.

I also have a large folder of historical documents, letters between the architect and the person who was paying to have the house built, that I will scan and add to the collage.  It should be an interesting project. 

 I’m using my house, the latest in the old house rehab projects.  It was built in 1912 so it’s nearly 100 years old. I’ll be sure to provide a link and post this project on the web as I think it would be interesting to the old house junkies like me.

Starting a New Category – Old Houses

Based on my last post I’ve got to admit that I am completely fascinated with old houses.  There are many reasons for this but I think that old houses I’m attracted to have such a strength about them.  Most have plaster walls and very thick wood moldings.  The really awesome ones have dark wood that has aged over the years.  The darkness gives it a strength that you just can’t get from clear polyurethaned red oak flooring or beige carpet.

Old houses are not for everyone.  You’ve got to appreciate doors that don’t close well, and tile that might be well worn as a feature, not a mess.  You should see the really cool old sink in the upstairs bathroom.  It is porcelain and has numerous crazing cracks in it that I find delightful, but I can see how someone else would think it was nasty.

And my plaster walls are so not smooth either, but they have so much character and strength in them. When I see massive expanses of drywall I want to run.  I can’t image ever living in a new house unless I built it by my own specifications, with lots of plaster, dark stained wood floors and paint with actual color in it.

If you ever want my advice about decorating an old house, I can help.  I’ve rehabbed several in the last few years and have quite a knack at it.  I get lots of favorable responses from people who see my work.  Of course it’s easy when you start with good bones!