Facebook Fans Useless?

How About Those Useless Facebook Fans?

I just read this article over at performinsider.com about useless facebook fans. It referes to a study published by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science saying only about 1% of Facebook Fans engage with the company they “Like”.



Researchers for the institute looked at one of Facebook’s own metrics, People Talking About This, the awkwardly-named running count of likes, posts, comments, tags, shares and other ways a user of the social network can interact with branded pages as a proportion of overall fan growth of the top 200 brands on Facebook over a six-week period back in October and they found the percentage of People Talking About This to overall fans to be 1.3%.

If you subtract new likes, which only requires a click and in the minds of the researchers are akin to TV ratings, and isolate for more engaged forms of interaction, you’re left within an even smaller number: 0.45%. That means less than half a percent of people who identify themselves as like a brand actually bother to create any content around it.

 The PerformInsider article is here:

And the original article is here: There are some interesting comments.

So when some of my friends with Facebook business pages say no one comments on their page I’ll just say they are right up there with Coke.