Semi Auto Blogging Strategy

Semi Auto Blogging Strategy

I like tools that help blogging and I call this semi auto blogging.  Auto blogging that involves garbled articles for the sole purpose of back links seems like a good way to add entropy to the world wide web.  There’s enough entropy already!

wordpress for blogging


So I use tools to help spread the good word around the web.  Here are some simple steps to bring more interested visitors to your site.

1. Start with a good article.  You can hire a good writer and it will be worth it.  Or if you like to talk get a speech to text converter and talk your articles.   This software is very popular Dagon naturally Speaking Home Edition.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home, Version 11Voice Recognition Software)

I’ve noticed that my Droid phone also has a speech to text function that work well in a quite environment.

2. Publish your article on your own site and wait until Google indexes it.

3. Publish your article on a few article sites like ezinearticles. Here is a list of the top article directories.

4. Optional – send your article to a blog network like Free Traffic System.  You’ve all heard tha Google has been de-indexing blog networks.  However, if you have good quality content that is used correctly you’ll be OK.  As for duplicate content, the same news stories are floating around everywhere and this doesn’t seem to hurt those big news publishers.

5. Use a service to help send out social bookmarking links for your posts.

Onlywire charges $10 per month and there is an OFFICIAL onlywire wordpress plugin you can use to automate it.  You can get someone on fiverr to set up your account passwords for you for 5 bucks.  Or go with the free version.

SocialAdr is nice because you are getting a bunch of other people to submit your link for you which is really the point. Votes for you page.  You can trade links for free or they have a paid version for the lazy marketer (or the smart marketer).  I love this because it gets real people that are interested in your info to the information you care about.

These semi auto blogging aids should help tell the search engines you have some good content to share.

As Good As It Gets Movie Quotes: Noodle Salad

noodle salad
Image by MrTopf via Flickr

So the movie “As Good As It Gets” has so many quotes that seem to resonate with my life, it’s funny.  I’d like to meet the person who wrote it.

Here’s one that rings true when I’m feeling like the grass is greener. It’s about noodle salad.

Carol Connelly: OK, we all have these terrible stories to get over, and you-…
Melvin Udall: It’s not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that’s their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you’re that pissed that so many others had it good.

That cracks me up!

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Hostgator – 3 Great Things About The Business Plan

Hiërarchical IP-address structureImage via Wikipedia

I just signed up with hostgator and became an affiliate to promote them.  If you clink on this “hostgator” link and buy service I may possibly profit from that transaction.  I only promote things I like so here’s what I like about them so far.

1.  Under the business plan I get a dedicated IP.  This might give me an edge in the search engines because it tells Google that I’m serious about my business and I Am willing to pay a few dollars more each month to get a dedicated IP just for my business.

2. Easy to install wordpress. You just basically name your wordpress site, click and your wordpress is installed.  Yeah it is easy enough to upload/ftp the files to your server, but I’d rather not wait for all that to happen.  It is just so much quicker and easier.

3. Free toll free number.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this since my house rental business already has a phone number, but I am paying over $12 a month for another business that doesn’t. So this might be a big plus for you if you have a new online business that needs a toll free number.

4. Monthly or yearly billing.  You can just pay as you go or pay upfront for several years if you like.

If you want to take every advantage you can in the world of the web, then get a dedicated IP and easy wordpress install with hostgator.  Go ahead! Click my hostgator link and find out if it is right for you!

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Membership Site Software: Excellent Support Wins Customers

In our last Mastermind meeting Mark O. was talking about the membership site softwareDigital Access Pass, he used that I told him about.

Mark O. seems to be very excited about it. I’m using it too. Let me tell you why you might want to use it for your site or blog as a membership tool:

1. You can read about how to use it on the DAP site but the reason I chose it was because of the support.

2. The owner Ravi Jaygopal will install it on your blog for you for free.

3. If there are any issues with the software Ravi will fix it for you right away for free and with a smile.

4. If you needed a tweak for some reason he remembers that an update will require a small tweak and he does that for you too.

5. You can call Ravi on the phone and he will help you.

6. If you want to integrate it with a shopping cart that is not supported he will come up with a workaround. In my case he is working with to get it to interact with his DAP on my site.

7. Did I mention AWESOME support?

Here is my affiliate link to Digital Access Pass. I’d appreciate it if you used it when trying out this product. Thanks

Digital Access Pass

P.S.  There is a pay by the month option now, only $17 a month.

This is Really Cool – Extreme Sports Videos in a Blog

I’m totally psyched by this one!  You’ve gotta check out this new blog I found called . There are fifty (50) different categories of extreme sports with over 20 videos in each category.  I never even heard of some of these things before I saw this blog. 

You’ve got your Base Jumping, Winged Suit Flying, and Zorbing (huh?).  Zorbing — you know, rolling around in a human sized hamster ball down a gentle hill.  Geez, now I know what the pet hamster must have felt when the neighbor kid rolled him down the stairs.

How about Ski Joring or Jumping Stilts? Wow. Now that’s new to me.  There are at least 1,017 videos on the site and many will get your heart pumping just imagining doing it.  Put yourself in the place of these guys who not only jump off 1,000 ft cliffs but do a few back flips off a launching pad in the process.

Need a rubberneck fix?  Take a look at some of these nasty crashes and be glad it’s not you. Yikes. Check out this one BMX Video Crashes.  Have fun and forget the coffee!