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How to Transfer the Exact ATT Service Plan to a New Person

Go to the ATT Uverse website and try to find a contact phone number.  You’d think the “phone company”  would have a phone number.

I need to transfer an existing phone service into my name for a new business my husband and I are starting.

I went to the support page and found a video (learn more about our new way to connect with us).  A nice looking lady starts talking and says “we know this is frustrating, trying to find the support you need…”  Totally hilarious!

att customer service

She says to pick from the choices on the website below to get connected to the right answers.  Unfortunately there is no option for transferring a service.

I guess this falls under ordering a new service, so I click this.  There are three options for phone service.  Since none of this really matters,  I just want the existing phone to ring at the business when I get there I pick local phone service.

I get a chat box. Fill out a check box form with more choices that don’t apply.

There are always those delays so the responses are sometimes in the wrong spot making the communication more challenging. This is how the conversation went:

AT&T product specialists are happy to assist you with your questions. Click below to begin your live text chat.

Chat representatives will not have access to your personal account. This service is provided to you under AT&Ts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Hello and welcome to AT&T, my name is Roselyn N.. I specialize in setting up new phone service, Internet, and Digital TV. Please provide me with the complete address where you would like to connect service.

Mary H..: Hello!  How may I assist you today?

Lana: I need to transfer existing service to my name effective 7-30-2013. How do I do this and get any passwords needed to get to voice mail? Also I don’t know exactly what service is there so I will want to know what I’m getting.

Mary H..: Hi Lana! Thank you for being a valued AT&T customer.

Lana: 123 Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Mary H.: What AT&T services are you currently enjoying today?

Mary H.: Thank you for providing me with your address.

Lana: I don’t have an account. I want to transfer service from an existing account and get their phone number.

Mary H.: Alright, Thank you for considering AT&T as your service provider. I’d be happy to check the availability of AT&T services at your address.

Mary H.: Please allow me a moment as I check the details at your address.

Mary H.: Congratulations! We offer AT&T home phone, Internet as well as TV service at your address.

Mary H..: Which services are you planning to order today?

Lana: Can the existing services be transferred to me?

Mary H.: Are you referring to transferring your existing phone number to AT&T services?

Lana: What ever the plan is at 123 Main St, keep it the same and transfer it to my name, and please tell me what that plan is. I want to keep that phone number.

Mary H.: Lana, you can transfer an active number to AT&T service.

Mary H.: In order for AT&T to transfer your existing number to our service, it must be a working number.

Mary H.: We offer different plans. I would be glad to assist you in selecting the best similar plan for you.

Lana: The resident at 123 Main St has service with ATT. Can you please transfer that exact service to me. Is that possible?

Roselyn N.: Alright, in that case I would point you in the right direction so you receive the correct resolution to your question.

Mary H.: I understand what you are asking, however my area of expertise is assisting customers as they order new services. I recommend calling our business offices to transfer the services. Representatives there are skilled in assisting with that type of request. Would you like me to provide their contact information?

Lana: OK. That would be great.

Mary H.: Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-288-2020. They are open M-F, 8:00am to 5:00pm EST. On Saturday this office will be closed.

Mary H..: I would like to inform you that the person who wishes to transfer the account to your name has to place a request for the same.

Lana: Thank you. Do you have any idea why this information is not posted on the company website?

Lana: That’s good to know. Thanks for that tip!

Mary H.: You are welcome and have a great day.

Mary H.: Thank you for chatting with AT&T today, it has been a pleasure assisting you.  AT&T appreciates your business.  You may click the “Close” button on the chat window to close this chat.

Lana: Is there anything else you think I should know before we end this chat?

Mary H.: Lana, just that the person whose name is on the account to contact our Customer Service department and place a request.

Lesson Learned: Don’t even try to ask for what you want if it is not exactly the topic of what you clicked on at the website.

The 800 number automated service was as confusing as the website, but once I was able to talk to Pablo, he helped a lot.

What you need to do is have the current owner of the service login to their account and find “change responsibilities” somewhere in the account area.  Then (and I will find out next week how this goes) your enter sensitive data and then call ATT back at their 800 number and you’re good to go.

Names and address were changed except for Pablo’s since he was great!


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