Membership Site Software: Excellent Support Wins Customers

In our last Mastermind meeting Mark O. was talking about the membership site softwareDigital Access Pass, he used that I told him about.

Mark O. seems to be very excited about it. I’m using it too. Let me tell you why you might want to use it for your site or blog as a membership tool:

1. You can read about how to use it on the DAP site but the reason I chose it was because of the support.

2. The owner Ravi Jaygopal will install it on your blog for you for free.

3. If there are any issues with the software Ravi will fix it for you right away for free and with a smile.

4. If you needed a tweak for some reason he remembers that an update will require a small tweak and he does that for you too.

5. You can call Ravi on the phone and he will help you.

6. If you want to integrate it with a shopping cart that is not supported he will come up with a workaround. In my case he is working with to get it to interact with his DAP on my site.

7. Did I mention AWESOME support?

Here is my affiliate link to Digital Access Pass. I’d appreciate it if you used it when trying out this product. Thanks

Digital Access Pass

P.S.  There is a pay by the month option now, only $17 a month.

Facebook – Getting Your Name

Maybe you are like me on claiming your facebook name — a bit too late. Someone else who doesn’t even have my exact name used it for theirs. Her name is DaLana Hawkins. Geez.

So this is how it works. You can use a period or a dot ” . ” in between any letters in your name but once someone chooses all the letter you want in a row, regardless of the dots between, your name has been taken. You can only use three dots in a name. So all these names are the same to facebook:


Get it?

When you go to select your name in facebook you can see if any particular combination is available. I believe it is under settings. Facebook will give you some choices if your name is taken like lanahawkins2, lanahawkins3 — totally lame in my humble opinion.

So I took Janak’s advice and thought of my name as a keyword and used it twice. I chose:


So my facebook link is

I’ll have to see what happens in a search for this one and I’ll update this post if anything interesting happens.

P.S. this is very similar for google gmail too.

Twitter Background Design: Make One Free

I just ran across this easy to use application that lets you change your twitter background really easily and for free. It’s run by a group of programmers named Zugara.  You can donate some money to them and they send it to the Make a Wish Foundation.

You go to their site

You sign in using your twitter account if you want it to automatically load your new theme and background automatically.  I recommend the twitter sign-in method.  It seems to give you more choices in your design.

Or use it without signing in.

Select a theme or use a blank theme.

You can upload an image and it shows you what it will look like in various screen resolution.

You can also change the text colors, link colors background color (if your background image doesn’t cover it all, plus both sidebar colors.  The twitter panel can also be ghosted (transparent).

You can add shapes and objects and images and move them around.

It’s fun and easy to use.  I highly recommend it!